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df Anushree Shah, owner and founder of Bollywood Dance Mania, has a dream to make every foot tap, every hip swing and every eye express to Indian beats in the traditional Indian way.

A Marketer from India's premier institute, Anu Shah's entrepreneurial instincts pushed her to move out of 9 to 5 job and live her passion, her only objective- To promote the Indian Culture everywhere she lives.

She started 'Slices of India' exhibiting artefacts from across India and then slowly moved on to focussing her energies on her true heart's calling – Dancing.

Anushree Shah has been dancing since the age of 5, mastering the art of Rajasthani Folk Dance. She has trained in various styles of Indian dances such as Bhangra, Gidda, Dandia. In her earlier dancing years, she has been a student of Mamta Shankar in Calcutta, India. She has performed in various countries.

Bollywood Dance Mania began as a small exercise and dance group in 2006. The dances were predominantly high energy songs from Indian Movies. In the short period of 2 years, Bollywood Dance Mania has gained immense popularity with being invited to perform in over 50 stage shows across the state and has moved on a variety that is incomparable.

Bollywood Dance Mania is much more than just dances on bollywood music. Today, Bollywood Dance Mania dominates every show with the most versatile and maximum number of performances. Today, Bollywood Dance Mania has come to represent every color of India.

Anu Shah aims to bring alive every stage in the US with the colors of India.
Bollywood Dance Mania, 34 Woodgreen Drive Pittsford NY 14534, Cell: 585-802-2148 Tel: 585-248-5982